Golf is good for you! The World Golf Foundation announces its Golf & Health Project

The World Golf Foundation this week announced the launch of the Golf & Health Project, an initiative focused on academic research highlighting how the game of golf can benefit peoples’ lives.

Dr. Andrew Murray will lead researchers at the University of Edinburgh, and under the supervision of leading international academics, Professor Nanette Mutrie and Professor Liz Grant, have conducted the largest, most comprehensive study of golf and health, with the results published in the world’s leading sports medicine and science journal, The British Journal of Sports Medicine.

With our Ladies Love Golf, Gents mornings and Junior golf initiatives this is a very welcome report for us at 3 Hammers as we value the importance of keeping a good level of fitness and also keeping the mind active. The beneficial factors of the social, physical and interactive qualities of golf really makes it a sport for all ages, and something we promote and adhere to.

In total, 5,000 papers were reviewed to provide a comprehensive view on the impact of the game on health, illness prevention and management, and associated injuries.

Golf and health statistics, golf is good for you

Padraig Harrington the three-time major champion has become a Golf & Health Project ambassador and he hopes the research will help showcase how golf can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Key benefits include improvements in life expectancy and quality of life, as well as physical and mental health benefits. Golf is expected to decrease the risk of more than 40 major chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, colon and breast cancer. Current research shows that golf has positive impacts on cholesterol, body composition, metabolism, and longevity.

The Project launches with support from all of golf’s major organisations, along with an initial eight ambassadors from around the world with more than 30 majors and 350 wins between them;

Aaron Baddeley (Australia)
Annika Sorenstam (Sweden)
Brooke Henderson (Canada)
Gary Player (South Africa)
Padraig Harrington (Ireland)
Ryann O’Toole (USA)
So Yeon Ryu (South Korea)
Zach Johnson (USA)

“I am delighted to be an Ambassador for the Golf & Health Project and wholeheartedly support the work they are doing to prove the health and wellbeing benefits of golf,” explained Gary Player, nine-time Major champion and World Golf Hall of Fame member. “The systematic and academic confirmation of the physical and mental benefits golf gives people will be of great use to us all to spread the word to institutions, governments and the entire world!”

The project also aims to show existing and future benefits that are identified are applicable to individuals of all ages throughout society, not just a specific sub-section of the population.

The WGF and the major golf organisations represented on its Board of Directors, along with partners such as the PGAs of Europe and the University of Edinburgh, academic collaborators and supporters from the University of California at San Francisco, and various other organisations, are working together on the Project with a view to sharing its work around the globe.

“The importance of the Golf & Health Project in the development of the sport is vital, not just for the WGF’s partners, but everyone involved with golf around the world,” said Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “This Project is something we can all get behind, as it is universally agreed that golf is good for you. It is going to provide real, tangible resources that can be used by governments and politicians, professional tours, governing bodies, golf businesses, PGA Professionals and more – all to the sport’s benefit.”

The Project is planning various research-led activities to further prove areas of interest and also expand into currently under-researched areas such as the mental health benefits of golf, physical benefits in older players and the positive effects of spectating.

We shall be following developments with great interest.


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