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Rory has been in the gym recently and has posted some great little tips and workouts for muscle building that will enhance your golf game and general fitness.

Here’s a great exercise for stability in the golf swing. Core strength is one of the most important muscles within the swing. This movement focuses on balance while using your shoulders & chest!

Give it a try. of the best exercises you can do to create a powerful, athletic golf swing. Main muscles used here are quads, glutes and they loosen up your hip flexors. Research shows that using your leg muscles to push up off the ground generates more power.

Give it a Go!

Golfs not all about lifting. This type of exercise is massively important for getting a great posture. This move works the trapezius muscle (upper back) Improvement in this area will allow your upper back to be straighter therefore better posture throughout the swing. Also you need to use your abs to stabilise the swiss ball.

Give it a try! This exercise should be done with no or very light weight (I used 2kg dumbells.)

Here’s a fantastic exercise that all golfers can benefit from. Box Jumps. They create explosive power by driving up off the floor, strengthen all of your leg muscles and help your hip mobility. They are also a great cardio blast!

Find a height to suit you and give it a try!

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