Olivia Raybould the latest Member Of The 3 Hammers Golf Academy

Olivia has started her 3 years of PGA training and is already assisting golf lessons and becoming a bit of a wizz with Trackman!

We thought it would be nice to ask her a few questions to get to know the newest member of the team!

What’s your name, where do you come from and what are your interests?! 

Olivia Raybould, aka ‘Liv’ I am from Penkridge and I like to play golf, eat nice food and watch films.

Olivia Raybould 3 Hammers Golf Academy Wolverhampton

Olivia Raybould | 3 Hammers Golf Academy Wolverhampton

How did you first get into golf and what age were you?

My Dad and quite a few of my family play so I had a go, I was 13 when I started.

Did you find it easy being a junior to find somewhere to learn to play?

I personally had a great time playing junior golf, I had a lot of support from the 3 Hammers Golf Complex. My coaches at the time Piers Ward and Andy Proudman (Me & My Golf!)

Who were you early coaches and later on?

I started on the YMG programme with Andy and Piers and I was with them for many years. Later on in my junior golf I started with Rob Bluck when I was around 18.

Since finishing school what as been your golfing path?

I’ve played county golf for the Staffordshire 1st team, and played in national open competitions. I also worked for American Golf and had the experience working with them at a European tour event.

When did you start entering competitions and did you win any?

I started playing competitions pretty much straight away and won quite a few club competitions. I’ve also qualified for national finals, recently I made it to the national finals with staffs ladies county team.

Who were your golfing heroes or who did you aspire to when you were young? Do you aspire to anyone now?

I never really followed golf when I was younger. I used to love Michael Owen (don’t ask why I just loved him hahaha) again now I don’t have anyone I really I follow, I just love to play the game myself.

Olivia Raybould and Michael Owen

Which golf clubs have you played locally and nationally / internationally?

I have been very fortunate to play lots of courses across the country with my county golf, but a few of my faves are Trevose, Cornwall great club and atmosphere.

What makes 3 Hammers a unique experience for a golfer and how does it differ from other clubs?

We have great facilities at the 3 hammers great out field driving range, we also have a more fun and relaxed approach to the game here. Always encouraging people to take up the game.

What have been the negatives of becoming a female golfer if any?

I personally have had a great experience being a female golfer I have had a lot of support from my golf club (south staffs) I couldn’t say that I personally have had any negatives

What do you think of the Ladies Love Golf initiative?

I think its great, its growing the game for ladies as it has always been a male dominated sport. I think with a lot of golf clubs struggling for members I think its very important getting more ladies playing and joining golf clubs.

Olivia Raybould, John Cheetham PGA Golf Pro, Rob Bluck PGA Golf Pro 3 Hammers Golf Academy

Olivia with John Cheetham (L) & Rob Bluck (R) Head PGA golf professionals and Directors at 3 Hammers Golf Academy

If you were going to encourage any lady over the age of 18+ to take up golf what would you say to them?

I’d so go for it, its a great hobby gets you outside, great exercise. It is also a very social game where you can make many friends and have a natter.

You are on a professional journey yourself, how is the PGA course for you?

It is still very early days so at the moment, i am still taking lots in hopefully ill be more settled in a few month time and will share my journey on my social media outlets. I think it is important to use these to encourage other junior golfers that pursuing you dream is achievable.

Olivia Raybould out on course

What are your aspirations for the Ladies game locally?

I’d simply would just like more ladies playing golf, grow the ladies memberships around local golf clubs 

What are your own aspirations for your golfing career?

I would love to be the best coach I can be a ultimately become an ambassador for the ladies game

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