Putting Masterclass is a hit!

On Monday 13th January 3 Hammers Golf Complex teamed up with 3 Hammers Golf Academy and American Golf to run a FREE to attend Putting Masterclass. Spaces were limited to 12 per class and we ran 4 sessions on the evening at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm & 8pm. As expected all 48 spaces filled within days of being publicised back in December. Our Golf Academy Director’s Rob Bluck and John Cheetham were joined by Senior Instructor Steve Thomas and American Golf’s Master Club Fitter Richard Hampton.
Each class consisted of 3 Educational Stations: Richard was using the amazing state of the art putting analysis technology Sam PuttLab to give the participants a putter fitting experience and demonstrate the full analysis capabilities of the system. Predominantly focusing on the path the putter takes through the putting stroke Richard was also able to give recommendations on adjustments which could be made to the putting stroke to increase the amount of putts they hole.
The second station was with John who was using the fabulous Trackman 4 to look at the start lines, roll ratios and rhythm of the putting stroke by analysing data collected by hitting 5 putts from 6ft. By looking closely at the data John could see exactly how consistent the stroke was and again give recommendations on how they could improve. John was also looking at how simple set changes can lead to holing more putts and putting a more consistent roll on the ball.
The third saw Rob and Steve were looking at key fundamentals for putting. They conducted a really impressive alignment test using a combination of lasers and mirrors and it was amazing to see and how so many players thought they were aiming directly at the hole however they were some what misaligned leading to compensations throughout the stroke. Rob and Steve were then able to adjust each players set up at address to show them and more importantly allow them to feel how they should be aligning therefore giving them a better of chance of being successful on the greens.
The session finalised with a review of what we had looked at in the session and how each player can continue to improve their putting with just a few crucial tips from our PGA Professionals.
Following the sessions we received some great feedback.
Tony  “Another very enjoyable and informative session. My nugget (of information) was keep looking down as i strike the ball!”.  
Mark  “Many thanks for the wonderful insight into putting which was very interesting. Once again all of you were very helpful and a first class presentation. I will recommend it to all the golfers i know! Brilliant job!” 
Paul  “Another great session delivered professionally. Your analysis shows what is out there and gives an insight into the depth possible”
We would again like to thanks all that attended and hope you were able to take away that crucial nugget of information which will help you improve your putting in 2020. If you missed out on this masterclass then don’t panic, we will be holding more FREE masterclasses throughout the year working with 3 Hammers Academy and American Golf to focus on all aspects of the game. So stay tuned for more info coming soon.
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