Staffordshire County winter training session.


On Sunday 5th January, 3 Hammers Golf Complex were honoured to welcome the Staffordshire Golf Union Men’s County Squad for a Winter Coaching Session with the 3 Hammers Academy PGA Professional Team.

Academy Director and Head Professional Rob Bluck along with fellow Director John Cheetham and Senior Instructors Rory Haigh and Steve Thomas were on hand to give the county squad some expert analysis and guidance before the new golfing season. Richard Hampton Master Club fitter and PGA Professional at American Golf was also on hand to offer his expert advice on club technology and how that can impact on the upcoming season as well as providing each player with a detailed putter analysis.

Using the latest technology such as Trackman 4, K Vest 3D Motion analysis and SAM PuttLab we were able to look into great detail exactly what is happening throughout the swing and where improvements could be made.

Rob Bluck – Tested all the players on their ability to control the distance which is know as the ‘Combine Test’ This test is conducted using the fabulous TrackMan 4 (as used by the Worlds best players). All data collated was shared with each individual player for them to learn from exactly how they were executing the shots to work on over the winter months.

John Cheetham – Ventured out on to the Short Course with all players who completed a short game test, testing not only their scoring ability but also closely measuring the accuracy and feeding all scores back to Team Manager. This was great to test them all on those really important scoring distances from 50 – 100 yards.

Steve Thomas had all the gadgets out to give the players a great insight to a 3 Dimensional look at exactly how their bodies are were behaving during whilst hitting a series of shots. This is a great way to look in greater detail at aspects of movements  which occur in the golf swing which won’t necessarily be spotted using video analysis. By using this technology we can ensure that every player knows exactly what is needed to get the optimum performance from their body.

Rory Haigh who is also a specialist golf fitness coach gave all the players an insight to the importance on players physical capabilities and this complimented Steve’s 3D findings perfectly.  By carrying out a series of screening tests, Rory was able to highlight any areas which may be holding back each individual golfer and provide drills and exercises which will help over the rest of the winter. Fitness is such an important  area of the game which is sometimes overlooked by many club golfers. The winter really is the perfect time to make the necessary improvements when you are unable to get out onto the course.

Putting is where your round can be won or lost. So ensuring that you firstly have the right putter for you putting stroke and secondly are putting the perfect roll on the ball to hole more putts. Master Club Fitter – Richard Hampton was using Sam PuttLab which is the most accurate and in depth piece of analysis equipment available. Each player was asked to attempt a series of putts and using the technology Richard was able to see exactly what was happening at set up and throughout the entire putting stroke. Using the data we were then able to suggest if necessary where improvements could be made.

It was clear for all to see that in Staffordshire we have a very talented group of golfers who are dedicated to the game and we are sure they will have a fantastic 2020. From everyone here at 3 Hammers we would like to wish the teams the very best of luck and we are very much looking forward to working with you in the future.

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